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Services - Perfect Puppy Packs

A comprehensive package of information, advice, training and equipment specifically tailored to you, your lifestyle and your puppy.

Useful for first time owners or anyone who wants to get it "right first time" with their puppy:

  • Preparation

  • The first day

  • The first week

  • Cleanliness and identification

  • Recognition of common health problems

  • Teething, chewing and daily routine

  • House training and separation anxiety

  • Getting started with general training/obedience

  • Socialisation with people and other dogs

  • Playing safely - When is it play, when it is aggression?

  • Body handling - in preparation for vets and grooming

  • Travel/being in vehicles

  • + Much more!

Prices and Booking:


2 hour detailed consultation + how-to guides + training equipment: £100

Block of 4 sessions: £150

Block of 6 sessions: £210

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