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Services - General Training for a Happy Dog

Individual training sessions tailored specifically to the needs of you and your dog. ​This typically involves a detailed consultation followed by a series of sessions at your home or in a local walking spot.

I offer training and guidance on the following:

  • Sit/Stay - staying in the same spot on cue for short periods

  • Recall - coming to you from a distance on command (on and off lead)

  • Loose Lead Walking - without tugging the lead, etc.

  • Emergency Stop - Have your dog to stop urgently until given further instruction

  • Reflex to Name - paying attention when their name is called

  • Checking In - Checking with you when they're unsure what to do

  • Send Off - putting running off to explore/fetch on cue

  • Food Manners - avoiding snatching etc.

  • Lie Down/Be Calm - when you want them to just...relax

  • Bed = amazing!

  • Being calm when entering new places

  • + much more!

Prices and Booking:


Single Session: £45

Block of 4 sessions: £150

Block of 6 sessions: £210

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