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Services - Boredom Busters

Intelligent and energetic dogs are usually easy to train but can get bored easily. This service aims to identify which mental and physical stimulation your dog needs. Useful for dogs who need more than a tennis ball to keep them satisfied and a great way to involve children. 


  • Nose targeting

  • Paw

  • Spins and Twists

  • Bows

  • Hide and seek recall

  • Giving a cue to end a behaviour (e.g. to stop sitting)

  • Teaching object names

  • Middle/Peekaboo - finishing their recall by coming through your legs from behind

  • Basic scentwork for mental stimulation

  • Basic agility (jumps, hoops, tunnels, etc.)

  • + much more!

Prices and Booking:


Single Session: £45

Block of 4 sessions: £150

Block of 6 sessions: £210

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