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Free Initial Phone Consultation

The Initial Consultation is an introduction to discuss your situation. 

  • Discuss basic information such as breed, age, traits, good/bad habits, concerns, etc.

  • Discuss current training approach, where the dog is walked, and your routines

  • An overview of what I can offer, and specifically how your dog may benefit


I don't believe in pushy sales tactics. I'll give you an honest opinion about what stage I think your dog is at and there is no obligation to book any paid services. All I ask is that you consider me if you decide to pick a training provider in the future.

30 mins consultation - Free

Puppy Training

Private puppy training sessions to cover everything from 8 weeks to 12 months:

  • How to handle toilet training, chewing, crate/bed training

  • Getting started with basic behaviours (sit, stay, lie down, come, etc.)

  • Socialisation with people, other dogs and everyday things

  • How to build up time left alone

  • Handling in preparation for vets/groomers

  • Dealing with problems without making them worse

4 x 1 hour sessions - £150 

6 x 1 hour sessions - £210

General Training and Nuisance Behaviours

General training for all dogs and those who have developed nuisance behaviours: 

  • Sit, Stay, Lie Down, etc

  • Walking nicely on the lead

  • Coming back when called (recall) 

  • Being calm and relaxing when asked 

  • Barking, jumping up, separation anxiety (being left alone), begging, chewing, etc. 

4 x 1 hour sessions - £150 

6 x 1 hour sessions - £210

Reactivity and Aggression

I take on a select few reactivity and aggression cases at a time. ​These are generally more complex issues and requires a carefully planned approach to remedy. 

I offer a full behavioural consultation followed by a full up report and creation of a plan to address the issue. Regular sessions are then carried out to work on the plan. 

You will receive a detailed questionnaire to complete and return before the consultation.

2 hour behavioural consultation and follow up report - £120

Regular sessions (60-90 mins) - £65 each