Frequently Asked Questions

How does the training work?

It's quite similar to having a personal fitness trainer....

1. We'll talk about what you want to achieve and set short term goals

2. In the sessions we'll go through what to do, how to do it, and why it works

3. Outside of the sessions you'll work on what we've discussed

I'll show you how to train your dog and will therefore not be handling your dog much, if at all.

We'll be training using positive reinforcement, which means absolutely no punishment or harm is used. This method of training encourages good behaviour with rewards rather than suppressing bad behaviour with punishment.

Where does the training take place?

Either at your home or your local walking spot, depending on what training your dog needs.

What equipment do I need?

Generally speaking you'll need the following:

- A standard lead and collar

- A long lead (if we're doing recall training)

- A harness (if you're dog currently pulls on the lead - I can advise on a suitable harness for your dogs breed/size)

- Treats. These need to be far more appealing than your dogs everyday food. Chicken pieces work great as it's moist and healthy.

- Toys. Ideally you will have/buy a "special toy" that's only going to be used for training. Something your dog goes mad for.

How quickly will I see results?

You can expect to see progress almost straight away. Training a dog is all about making incremental steps toward an end result. Patience and consistency are needed to embed new behaviours in the long term.

End results depend on you, your dog and how much time you're able to spend embedding the training outside of our sessions.

Do all dogs need formal training?


All dogs and owners have different needs.

Do you know why you're using the methods you're using?

Are they working and do you know why they're working?

Do you know how to modify generic training advice to suit your dogs breed/age/behaviours, etc?

Do you understand why your dog is showing you certain behaviours and reactions?

If you answered No or Sort Of to any of the above then you may benefit from my services. Some elements of dog training are obvious but many are not.

As always - I offer a FREE consultation to discuss further