About Me

I'm David, a qualified trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

Her name is Sasha. She's a Working Bearded Collie.

I like mountain biking, hill walking and (of course) all things dog.

Sasha likes lying beneath the radiator, her orange chew toy and giving the hoover a good run for its money.

I provide a variety of training options to meet your needs and the needs of your dog.

Sasha provides excellent cuddles and wake up calls.

I believe in an ethical approach to training. This means no harm or punishment is used. Ever.

Sasha was recently awarded Best Dog in the World by me in the living room.

I offer a FREE Initial Consultation so please don't hesitate to Get in Touch to discuss what's best for you and your dog.

Sasha offers a "No Treat Left Uneaten" guarantee to all regular clients.

See you in the park!

David and his dog Sasha
Sasha, Davids Dog