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Professional dog training in Glasgow and East Renfrewshire

Does your dog pull on the lead?

Does your dog come back when called?

Can't get your dog to stop barking?

Wonder why your dog is whining?

Struggling to get your dog to calm down?

I can help

Everything starts with a FREE Initial Phone Consultation

I personalise my Services to suit the needs of you and your dog 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Get in Touch (I don't bite...)

Free Initial Phone Consultation

An initial chat to discuss your situation and what training may help

Puppy Training

Training to cover everything you need to know from 8 weeks to 12 months

General Training and Nuisance Behaviours

General training and resolving nuisance behaviours (e.g. jumping up/barking)

Reactivity and Aggression

Structured training to resolve reactivity and aggression to dogs/people

My aim is to be the best dog trainer in Glasgow and East Renfrewshire by focusing on a personalised, high quality service. 

I want my clients to feel like they're working with their dog as a team so that the experience can be enjoyable for both.


Through ethical, science-backed methods, everyone should have a dog that's welcomed by the community.  

Have a read through some Free Guides and Tips for dog training and ownership.